"unique art project transformed into a social enterprise"

This purpose-based project was founded by emerging artist Sanaz Hanke and comprises a series of artworks representing several dances made from the foot and body prints of dancers, who were led by her to perform as human brushes. The current art pieces are pioneering examples of the soon-to-be-created artworks, which will capture the footprints of underprivileged children and teenagers from all around the globe, starting in Madagascar. Sanaz wants to raise awareness of life’s essential values and create a change in the world through the magic of dance and movement.

Each masterpiece is documented through multiple forms of artistic expression, such as the final art canvas combined with cross-media technologies and post-production technologies. She uses a unique combination of tools such as photography, videography, drone footage, post-production art prints, and animated NFTs to provide access to the entire art process. Her art prints are shot from above to complement the artwork, while photos and video footage are taken from all around the canvas, unveiling the entire artistic process. An exclusive invitation to her live performances is a unique opportunity for participants to immerse in the art and to partake in the social impact Sanaz wants to create with her work. In her post-production works, she animates these art prints to draw the viewer's attention, capture the curiosity, we are all born with, and pull everyone into her dynamic images.

In the meantime, Sanaz and her multi-disciplinary team are working relentlessly to launch this project and its website, where you will be able to see and buy some of the exclusive artworks, art prints, and NFTs, such as the yellow Flamenco masterpiece from this picture, and witness its social impact through providing educational material for students of Wings of Change, where Sanaz teaches online classes in Computer Science and Coding to more than 250 underprivileged students in Nosy Be, Madagascar.